By J.H. Wells, L.R. Williams

The thing of this publication is a presentation of the key effects in relation to geometrically encouraged difficulties in research. One is that of identifying which metric areas might be isometrically embedded in a Hilbert area or, extra often, P in an L house; the opposite asks for stipulations on a couple of metric areas so that it will make sure that each contraction or each Lipschitz-Holder map from a subset of X into Y is extendable to a map of an identical style from X into Y. The preliminary paintings on isometric embedding used to be started by way of okay. Menger [1928] together with his metric investigations of Euclidean geometries and endured, in its analytical formula, by means of I. J. Schoenberg [1935] in a sequence of papers of classical beauty. the matter of extending Lipschitz-Holder and contraction maps was once first handled by way of E. J. McShane and M. D. Kirszbraun [1934]. Following a interval of relative inactiveness, consciousness was once back interested in those difficulties by means of G. Minty's paintings on non-linear monotone operators in Hilbert house [1962]; through S. Schonbeck's basic paintings in characterizing these pairs (X,Y) of Banach areas for which extension of contractions is usually attainable [1966]; and via the generalization of a lot of Schoenberg's embedding theorems to the P environment of L areas by means of Bretagnolle, Dachuna Castelle and Krivine [1966].

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Poulakos. Sophistical Rhetoric, 134. 73. Antidosis, 254. Quoted in Brian Vickers, In Defense of Rhetoric (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1988), 156. 74. Vickers, 150. 75. The quote is from Against the Sophists. Quoted in Vickers, 150. 76. Vickeis, 154, 77. Enos, 114. 78. Vickers, 155. 79. Jarratt and Ong, 13. 80. C. Jan Sweariugen, "A Lover's Discourse: Diotima, Logos, and Desire," in Reclaiming Rhetorica: Women in the Rhetorical Tradition, ed. Andrea Lunsford (Pittsburgh, PA. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995).

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He may not intend that truth is attained through any function of rhetoric, for that matter, unless we make dialectic*omus, critical p s t i o n i n g - a part of rhetoric. There is some justification for doing this, if Plato's conversations in both Gorgias and in Phaedrus are examples of the true art of rhetoric in action, as I take them to be. As a final consideration, Plato's treatment of rhetoric in Phaedrus may be an answer to Isocrates' tendency to make rhetoric and philosophy tools in the service of politics.

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